Foam brick with super-low thermal conductivity

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  • Foam brick with super-low thermal conductivity

  • Description:
    Foam refractory brick with super-low thermal conductivity add foaming agent and stabilizing agent into the slurry confected by some refractory raw materials, such as alumina powder, refractory clay and cyanite. After mixing them, the refractory slurry evenly adsorbs around the foams, and spherical proes are formed after being dried and fired. Bricks are shaped by mechanical cutting and grinding.
    Foam refractory bricks with super-low thermal conductivity manufactured by our company have four brands. Bulk densities differ according to the amount of foaming agents to meet the liningsdemands of different thermal equipment.
    ● Excellent heat insulation
    ● Nice chemical stability
    ● Low content of impurities
    ● Accurate size
    ● Long service life
    ● All types of products available as customers require.
    Mainly anti-carburizing furnaces in heat treatment industry and also heat-insulating layers of the linings of tubular furnaces in petrochemical industry, ethylene pyrolysis furnaces, first-stage reforming furnaces of synthetic ammonia and other high-temp industrial kilns and furnaces.

    Main physical and chemical properties

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